Hypothesis: If a human can be fused with an animal, then the animal's abilities would enhance those of the human.


Dr. A

The paleontology department at the local university had an absolute field day with this one. I almost felt bad with how they swooned over him like he was their own son. However, while I was prepared for them to chastise me for allowing someone so young to be our subject, they only got more excited and doting on him when I told them that for which he was going to be used. I never thought I would ever see the day when any paleontologist would have a lower ethical clearance than I, but I suppose we'll all go to Hell together when we go. They even gave him a name despite me advising against it so as not to get attached. Jurard... I'll admit, it does suit him, and he seems to respond positively when referred to as such. Nevertheless, I have a job to do and thus should take my own advice on getting too attached.

The plan came from an idea to clone dinosaur DNA material into a living subject rather than making dinosaurs from scratch. My colleague commented that two different sciences can be catalogued in tandem which I find rather amusing: we observe the changes of the human boy, and they observe the behavior of the Tyrannosaurus within him. At first, we thought the boy was going to be aggressive about taking the injections given how belligerent he was around the other test subjects. However, he was (thankfully) what a proud mother would call "a real trooper" about it and even held it over the other subjects' heads during communal hour, saying that he was "the leader" because he was "brave for all his shots". As the changes progressed, we weened him off communal hour due to it becoming increasingly more dangerous for everyone else for him to regularly interact with other kids his age. Will it affect the results? I don't think so. At this point, despite his mental faculties slowly withering, he knows what's going on.

JTRX, or Jurard as he insisted on being called, was found snarling in a corner during the Great Lab Raid. The rescue team hates to use blowdart sedatives on kids, but they knew they had to so that he didn't hurt himself or anyone else. The fire marshal on the team said that Jurard could barely speak, more so just hissed and growled like a feral animal.

"It felt weird to put a muzzle on a kid who at least looked mostly human, but he bit one of the trauma unit [registered nurses] so hard that he nicked an artery," one of the agents commented. "Worse yet, the kid kept wanting to ingest the viscera, and he didn't show a lick of remorse when we questioned him about it either. When we tried to give him food, all he wanted to eat was meat. That's all the words he really said for a while there, his own name and begging for meat. Freaky kid."

It's a miracle that they found his family's records and were able to track his parents down. The Rexfords insisted that the boy they brought them wasn't their son, but they could never keep their story straight; at one point they said that their son's name was Travis, and at another they said that they didn't have a son at all. However, they must have imprinted on the boy because from that point on, he wanted his full legal name to be Jurard Travis Rexford.

Fortunately, over time, Jurard's reptilian features started to fade, and his aggression appeared at least on the surface to gradually subside. As he has reached adulthood, they still haven't fully gone away, but he has learned to control them.


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