NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This is an AU fanfiction. It is not canon compliant and will contain graphic and disturbing depictions and themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

It's also meant to emulate the style of pre-2013 Vocaloid creepypasta with a dash of early SCP entries, so if it's bad in some areas, just know that for the most part it's bad on purpose. Cringe resides not in me but in people who aren't media literate.

Scientists at Elysium Laboratories had been working round the clock to prove that being human in and of itself could be a physically malleable construct, a question that in hindsight should probably have been left up to the philosophers. To do this, they sought out to make something that started from a human but had transcended beyond that in some way, shape, or form. Under the guise of finding a cure for whatever big health scare was in the area at the time, they fundraised enough from charity work, events, and government grants over the years to finally put it to the use of lobbying the government to make sure they wouldn't be arrested and held for the worst crimes against not just humanity at large but humanity as a concept. Children would be their main subjects. Their rationale stemmed from a shockingly antiquated understanding of how child development worked: children's bodies have an easier time adapting to changes within themselves because it's already primed to do that during puberty.

Thanks to the work of an anonymous whistleblower, mobile task force TEMPUS had been dispatched, but by the time they got there, the place was already consumed by flames. This necessitated the operation to pivot priorities to rescue instead of reconnaissance.

This is a summary of the files for four of the sixteen survivors that were recovered during The Great Lab Raid. After their rescue, they had no memory of themselves or anything that happened to get them involved with the lab at all. Not all of them were orphans, but when those who weren't were reunited with their parents, neither party recognized each other. Some parents didn't even remember that they had children in the first place.

All the recoverable subject files have "supervised by Dr. A., Dr. N., Dr. M., and Dr. Y." written at the top. None of these individuals were ever found.


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