Note: some parts of the following file are illegible due to damage. No copies of it have been found, and most of the damage sustained renders certain pieces unsalvageable. For the purposes of archival, what is posted here is all that can be discerned.


Hypothesis: [illegible]


Dr. Y

Subject shows signs of extreme aggression when called by its designation, but when asked, it did not give a name that it preferred to be called. It refuses to stay still for injections and tends to lash out in crass and often violent ways. Once it even called Dr. [REDACTED] a "pissant" before kicking him in the stomach. More physical restraints need to be implemented if we are to proceed.

For our first round of subjects, though, it has shown to be surprisingly resilient as [illegible] of them have already expired. That looks like a sign that the treatment is working in our favor. Perhaps we have already succeeded in making it incapable of [illegible].

Addendum 1:

DATE: [illegible]

Out of our first batch subjects, 0183-CMRZ might be our most resistant. It has been outwardly violent towards the team for the entire duration of its stay, and the tests have only seemed to worsen it by strengthening its resistance to sedatives. My colleagues are beginning to get discouraged, but we have already made so much progress. We have been at this for so long. We cannot back out now.

The documentation for this case had an audio cassette tape hidden inside. The plastic casing on it was warped from the heat, but the tape inside was recovered and converted to digital for archival purposes. Below is the audio file and a transcript.

If anyone finds this, I need to make it abundantly clear that I am not one of the doctors on staff for this project. My name is [garbled]. I am a janitor, and yet I will die here because those sick bastards locked me in when the fire alarm went off. Stupid of me to think that people who could do all that heinous shit to a busload of kids would even have a morsel of concern for the life of an adult. Whatever they made, it's not a human anymore. They tried to get rid of it, hide it away, but it doesn't follow human rules. Worse yet, you can't [garbled]. It can and will destroy everything in its path and still not be satisfied. They created a monster. Looking into its eyes is to stare down a banshee. [coughing] I'm recording this because it probably escaped. No, definitely escaped. And I just [inaudible] to warn someone, anyone. Please.

The last recoverable child that the rescue team found was covered in soot and scars. He kept his hands over his face the entire time, and when he was forced to move them, he shut his eyes tightly and refused to look at anyone. When asked, he just kept frantically repeating "I'm the devil, don't look at me, you'll get cursed". The paramedics found that his eyes had been exposed to so much smoke and ash that he almost went blind.

A background check revealed nothing. No parents, no family, no relatives at all. There were no death or even birth records, as if the family that sired him never existed in the first place. A rescue operative dryly jested that he might have been their attempt at a test tube baby, but that revealed itself to be more truth than joke due to the nature of the DNA test. Even the most seasoned geniologists in the hospital couldn't make heads or tails of it. It had clearly been manipulated, but just as the picture became clear on the monitor, the computer encountered an unfamiliar error and went into a restart loop. It should have been the most powerful computer in the hospital. It was like something in the sequencing kept it from being observed. Even more unnerving was the fate of the paramedics and optometrists that assessed and treated the boy's eyes: each and every one of them suffered freak accidents all within the span of a month, some of which where fatal.

All the legal red tape had been drawn by that time though. He was already lined up to be adopted by a family that already had children. The family reported no signs of unusual behavior other than preferring to wear a mask most of the time, and the only aggression they noted was when they tried to remove the mask. Nothing could be done about the mysterious incidents prior, and it was all chocked up to heresay until the morning of his eighteenth birthday. He wasn't in his room, and his mask lay broken on the floor. The window was open, and a hatchet was missing from the shed. No other clues to his wherabouts have been found since, but he is assumed to be on the loose and dangerous.

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