Early 20s

Water Genasi

Cleric for the Valley of Misfortune Party

WARNING: This story contains mention of religious zealotry and murder by drowning.

The Hydrodiuril name is one bore by nobility and high birth on the Hakkala isthmus, Prinivelle being one such member of this line. She is a devout follower of Selune, goddess of the moon, and proclaims herself to be "the tides that selune turns at her whims".

Or at least, that's what she would like everyone to believe.

In reality, the Hydrodiuril name is one bore by a fishing family in a quaint port town outside of Amber. Prinivelle basically speedran her studies on Selune the moment she heard about her so that she could enter a convent in the next town over. She developed a "one true prophet" complex and in doing so drowned a handful of Postulants during a baptism ritual. She immediately ran away, changed her life story, and gaslit-gatekept-girlbossed her way into making everyone around her believe it.

She travels with her adventuring party of a tiefling rogue named Genesis, a dragonborn warlock named Khartov, Khartov's half-elf daughter Rose, a human artificer named Persephone Carter (on whom she has a crush but shh), and a human warlock named Rosaline Adaver.