Affiliation: Decepticon

Occupation: Air Commander

Second In Command

Alt mode: McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

Underhanded, untrustworthy, and undignified: three words to describe Starscream. Before anyone else comes himself and his own goals, and he’ll do anything to accomplish those goals. This “anything” usually manifests in the form of throwing himself into a perpetual cycle of assuming the position of supreme leader of the Decepticons after Megatron is rendered unable to do it–either by circumstance or by Starscream’s own doing–followed by something asinine like Autobot meddling to come mess it all up and put him back at square one, rinse and repeat.

At times, his fear of death trumps this cycle; if a method of attaining what he wants involves putting himself in danger, even if it makes certain a favorable outcome, he usually won’t do it. Other than that, nothing is off limits. He’ll beg for his life ‘till the Dinobots come home, and as soon as that threat is lifted, he’ll go right back to being all high and mighty and full of himself. It’s rumored that it was his doing that extended the length of the war at one point due to a squabble over some petty cheap shots. Bottom line, he’s a cowardly, lying, egomaniacal suck-up through and through.

Prior to the war, Starscream buried himself in his studies in the field of science. The pursuit of knowledge drove him to bring a close colleague by the name of Skyfire along with him to explore a little blue planet that particularly intrigued him. However, due to inclement weather conditions, the two were separated. Starscream would run himself ragged looking for his companion but to no avail.

This event would change something within him forever. He all but abandoned his studies and enlisted in the military academy with the aim of siding with the Decepticons. Every ounce of effort that he once dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, he dedicated to rising up in the ranks all the way to the second-in-command of the party he swore his loyalty to.

As Megatron rose to power, something about how he ran things didn’t sit right with Starscream. It was an outdated method that slowed the war to a crawl, and he’s always been very vocal about this complaint. Eventually, having to repeat himself so many times just for nothing to be done took its toll, and his priorities changed once again. If nobody was going to listen to him at this rank, he’ll just take the rank of the one that everyone does listen to.


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  2. remember my name by mitski
  3. thermodynamic lawyer esq. G.F.D. by will wood and the tapeworms
  4. the mind electric by miracle musical, chonny jash version
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