sesa art by shutz-bugz





Ex-Demigra Army Vagrant

Etouffee is a creature of his own creation. His physical form is being held together by sheer willpower alone due to an injury he sustained as punishment for betraying Demigra. Due to this, he became even more vain than he was before. Instead of letting his injuries heal naturally, he forced them to heal with his demon ki. The problem is that it took so much of his energy that he started to lose grip on his eloquence and coherence. He speaks in very verbose and roundabout ways, but he isn't aware of it at all. In fact, it impacts how he hears everybody else too. To him, nobody else makes any sense. He thinks he's not getting through to anyone, and every move is manual and calculated. An existence like this would be excruciatingly tedious if not for the existence of Sesa.

Sesa is in a similar situation of betraying Demigra only to suffer dire consequences. The two of them bonded over this after Etou rescued her from a dire situation. Since that day, they have been inseperable as a two-man team in their search for something that could undo all the damage that's been done to them. The problem is that they don't know where to start or if the Dark Demon Realm even has something like that.

Sesa is a character that belongs to my friend Bug. Please check out their stuff.